Mantel Accessories

Upper Cabinets (Over Mantels)

NOTE: Make certain to consult Flat Screen TV owners manual to determine temperature impact when installing over a fireplace.

Grand Mantel Overmantel with cabints             Grand Mantel overmantel with TV




Flank your wall cabinet mantel with matching bookcases

Grand Mantel Bookcases       Grand Mantel Mack Daddy



Raised Hearths... Supplied Ready for Facing Material

Either - We supply the hearth with Mantel Mates granite, marble, limestone or tile hearth extentions

Or - We supply the hearth. Dealer incorporates hearth extension (granite, tile, marble or limestone).

Grand Mantel Raised Hearth

Raised Hearth Beyond Legs

Grand Mantel Raised Hearth with Lip

Raised Hearth "Lip" hides edge of tile

Grand Mantel Raised Hearth with Solid Hearth Extention 

Solid extention over hangs raised hearth.